How To Bring Relief to a Gassy or Colicky Baby In Less Than 10 Minutes

Let me guess... If you're here:

You're trying to calm your screaming baby suffering from gas pains or colic

You're exhausted from not
having slept well in days
or weeks

You desperately want to help
your baby but don't
know how

  • Does your infant struggle, grunt and squirm in discomfort after feedings, or in the middle of the night?
  • Have you been in tears because it is breaking your heart to see your little one suffer?
  • Are you starting to feel like you’re not a good mom?
  • Do you feel like other moms are so good at being a mom and you’re the only one struggling?
  • Do you feel like everyone around you is judging you when you’re out in public?
  • Are you and your partner fighting becuase you are both tired and upset that you don’t know how to help your baby?
  • Do you feel like you’ve tried everything? Different positions, bouncing up and down, pacing the room, white noise…and nothing’s worked?!

Having a gassy or colicky baby is not easy but you don’t have to suffer alone. Doctors say there is no known cause of colic BUT there is a solution. The sleepless nights with a crying baby not knowing how to support them are OVER.

LISTEN. You’re a good mom. The fact that you’re here means you want to do the best you can  and avoid unnecessary medication. This is not your fault and it is not something you would’ve instinctively known how to address. You are NOT ALONE and there is a gentle, natural solution.

I’ve helped hundreds of moms just like you. Not only can you relieve gas but you can prevent it. That’s right! Help your baby’s digestive tract develop properly. This is something you, your partner and even the grandparents can do that will not only relieve gas but will help everyone bond. I want to help you by teaching you the most underutilized tool of new moms to support their babies… baby massage.

Based on my experience and learnings, I’ve created a mini-course on gas/colic designed for busy moms to easily learn the strokes and implement immediately. For less than the cost of a doctor’s visit, you can have a tool that will serve you for a lifetime.

Course Features

3 (

Massage Strokes

Learn the tummy strokes to support
healthy digestion

4 (

Gas/Colic Routine

Learn a special stroke routine for a gas or colic episode to be practiced daily

6 (

Resource Guide

Receive a downloadable cheat sheet on addressing digestion, naturally with oils, strokes and acupressure points

What Mamas Are Saying

"As a first time mom, I was eager to learn different ways to bond with our baby. I loved learning the various massages and benefits they have for baby. I, especially, appreciated the massages meant to relieve gas in baby. Our baby had not gone number two for several days and was getting agitated. I tried the stomach massages and about 20 minutes later, baby had a nice poo and felt much better! I also use the massages meant to relive sinus pressure which has provided comfort and relief to baby as he battles his first few colds. Khyati is an excellent instructor: she explains the benefits of each massage as she shows new moms and dads how to do them. Knowing how to provide comfort to baby through massage has been a game changer for me and it is all thanks to Khyati."
Project Manager
"The end of infant colic! I use the massage moves every day."
Julisa E.
International Nonprofit Law Expert
"Khyati provided us with knowledge and expertise on how to massage our infant when our baby was almost 2 months old. She's now 6.5 months and still loves her massages, even though we have to make it a quick one after her baths. The massage Khyati taught us were specifically geared towards all over body and to help with our baby's acid reflux issues she experienced in the earlier weeks after birth. It was so easy even my husband was bale to follow it. We've desperately used the knowledge gained from Khyati during the wee hours when our baby would have an upset stomach during the 'witching hours'. Thank you Khyati!
HR Associate
"Vyana Infant Massage gives you a mindful, loving way to connect with your baby. When my newborn was having trouble passing gas, I was crushed. His little face would get so pouty, I could tell he was in pain. Khyati's guidance in the Gas/Colic Mini-Course was a lifesaver. My baby boy has already reaped the physical benefits. And I love the sweet bonding time that I get to spend looking into my son's eyes, knowing that I'm also helping his body develop with natural methods."

Through the ancient art and science of baby massage, you can learn how to relieve temporary or chronic gas or colic pain in just MINUTES, joining tens of thousands of parents around the world. The mini-course will show you the exact strokes and oils you need. You have lifetime access AND a 30 day guarantee. There’s no risk. Don’t delay relief! The power for better health and more calm is at YOUR fingertips!

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