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Learn infant massage from the comfort of your home in this private on-demand course! Get started bonding and helping your baby in just 20 minutes. Premium Course, Full Course, and Mini-Courses available. Add modules as you want to deepen your technique – learn a little or learn a lot!

Lifetime Access | 8 Modules | 3 Downloadable Cheat Sheets l Support

Improved Bonding in the Family

Massaging baby releases oxytocin, which benefits baby, and mom or dad. Loving touch transforms baby’s brain and supports healthy development.

Improved Sleep Patterns

Daily massage will inevitably result in a calmer baby, who is tuned in to cues for relaxation time and who sleeps better. Fifteen minutes of massage before bed increases melatonin.

Decrease in Gas/Colic

Performing the tummy routine for a baby with chronic or the occasional spout of gas pain will mean less pain and fussiness in baby and less of a need for medical interventions. Save money, time, and hours of inconsolable crying.

Decrease in Congestion

With baby’s immune system being so under developed, colds find their way and make baby feel miserable. Face strokes along the nose and sinuses can alleviate congestion along with strokes to drain the lymphatic system.

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