Top 4 Essential Oils to Have On Hand for Baby

Before I entered the world of essential oils, I thought they were a nice luxury to have around the house. I had no idea the plethora of benefits they held in their potency. I was overwhelmed though by all the choices, and, like anything else, delving in was a financial commitment. I interviewed two essential oil experts from DoTeRRA and Young Living for the Vyana Infant Massage Course to learn more and to help simplify such decisions for parents. To start, you want to make sure you are purchasing organic oils from a reputable company and following recommendations of 1-2 drops for little ones.

So, what are the top oils for parents to have? Here is my list of the top 4:

1. Lavender: Lavender is the most versatile oil that you can have, so it is a must for your tool chest. It helps with everything from sleep and relaxation (yes, please!) to skin eruptions and bug bites. It smells great and babies can tolerate it, so you can apply directly, place it in a diffuser, or diffuse it in a carrier oil.

2. Sweet Orange: This is another one that smells great and is safe for babies. Sweet orange works great for lifting moods and can be easily incorporated into the back massage.

3. Fennel/Ginger: Digestive issues in babies are inevitable. From gas or colic to constipation and tummy troubles, your baby is likely to experience one or more of these, especially in first year of baby’s life. These oils are stronger, so you definitely want to dilute them and they are incredibly effective during tummy massage.

4Lemon: Lemon is another versatile oil because it can go from relieving symptoms of cough and cold to helping you clean your home! Use lemon during face massage when baby is congested or put it in a diffuser.

There is literally an oil for everything, so you can add to your tool chest as you get more comfortable and confident. I also love Roman Chamomile or Vetiver for relaxation, Baby’s Skin or Geranium for skin issues, Ashima Natural Gas Colic Oil for gas or colic issues or a blend of Peppermint, Lavender, and Lemon for common colds and viruses. The options are endless so start small and build from there. I talk more about oils in my baby massage course and you can find a FREE guide of Oils By Season on my website and purchase oils from one of three vendors here.