Do You Have Your Dream Team, Mama?

A dear friend of mine is pregnant and was sharing how anxious the registry is making her. Do you remember those days? Funny how not stressful it seems when you’re on the other side but nesting is a thing y’all. (Aside: We used babylist for our registry, which I loved because it didn’t limit us to one store). I told her not to stress about the things she should buy and acquire but instead focus on supportive services. The truth is there is very little that you NEED after baby comes (though there are lots of nice to haves). What you NEED are services that will help you heal physically, emotionally, and mentally.

We don’t have the benefit of having a nurse check on us for a year after baby comes like they do in Canada or covered physical therapy to help our pelvic floor recover like they do in France or having mom and baby massaged and bathed for months after birth like they do in India. After baby arrives we’re on our own to figure it out or suffer.

There is so much time, money, and energy spent on things you’ll need as opposed to what services you’ll need to have success for you and your baby.

This is part of my dream team, who I call upon to help maintain health for me and my family. It includes an acupuncturist, a reiki master, essential oils experts, a sleep coach, and a postpartum nutrition and fitness expert. For a new mom, I would add a lactation consultant, a chiropractor, a postpartum Douala, and, of course, an infant massage instructor. These folks will help realign your body, set you up for breastfeeding success, and help you address the sleep, gas/colic, congestion, needs of your baby without unnecessary medication, doctor visits or hospitalizations. 

Mama, start putting together your dream team. Think of it as insurance for your family.

I interviewed these experts in the baby massage digital course, and they have great gems to share for every family. It’s what makes this course truly one of a kind!