Gifts of Corona

Corona, covid, covid19, the pandemic. Whatever you call it, it is a dirty word that has come to rob lives, ways of life, safety, security, wellbeing, community, financial security, socialization, and more. The corona virus has taken more from us than probably anything else in our lifetimes. Yet, I know that much good as come out of this year both individually and globally.

During this holiday that is synonymous with sharing gratitude, I wanted to share a list of what gifts Corona has brought to my life this year, in no particular order: 

  • Life has slowed down
  • Better in touch in some ways with family and friends (weekly Zoom calls)
  • Saving $
  • Feeling united with the world
  • Not feeling alone financially
  • More time with my daughter
  • Grants and other support
  • More time with my husband
  • Casual clothes
  • Conceiving our 2nd child
  • Not having to wear shoes or jeans or bras
  • Comeraderie with strangers
  • Time for movies and shows
  • Consistent calls with girlfriends
  • Home cooking
  • Cleaner planet
  • Safer planet (in non covid ways)
  • Gujarati classes
  • House dance parties
  • Remembering what’s really important
  • Cutting ourselves and others some slack
  • Neighborhood walks
  • Weekend hiking
  • Neighbor time
  • Creek clean-up
  • Community respect for essential and frontline workers
  • Less consumerism
  • Technology access and ability
  • Meditation continued
  • Yoga with my daughter
  • Baking
  • Grace for self and others
  • Home remedies for immunity
  • Minimizing impact on Sunaina
  • Healthy living
  • Lowered expectations
  • Fewer obligations
  • Help from friends and neighbors
  • Two beach trips
  • One mountain trip
  • Zoom calls with family in India
  • Supporting small businesses
  • Pride in Arlington County’s handling of this pandemic
  • Outdoor gender reveal with family & friends 
  • Pod of friends

Now some of these have a flip side to them too, I admit.  There is nothing to sugarcoat, of course. I do know that gratitude will keep us resilient and hopeful and fighting to survive physically, emotionally, and mentally for ourselves and our family. I hope this list will inspire you to make your own Gifts of Corona list. In the meantime, let’s count the days until we say goodbye to 2020. 

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