Homeopathy: A Must Have Tool for Parents

“The long-term benefit of homeopathy to the patient is that it not only alleviates the presenting symptoms but it reestablishes internal order at the deepest levels and thereby provides a lasting cure.” – George Vithoulkas

I thought my first real experience with homeopathy was when my daughter was teething, but I actually had experienced its benefits for years. This experience, though, solidified my enthusiasm for adding it to my mom as Chief Medical Officer arsenal.

When my daughter was teething, we tried the typical interventions like teething rings, frozen washcloths, etc. but nothing seemed to work. We didn’t want to medicate, which is now discouraged by doctors. So, we looked for natural interventions. The amber teething necklace was one that did work for us. One day when she was fussy, we put it on, and she immediately calmed down. The amber contains succinic acid, found in broccoli, which has anti-inflammatory and painkilling properties and provides pain relief when against the skin.

Then one day I spoke to my cousin and learned that he and his wife had luck with homeopathy for their daughter’s teething woes. They had been able to treat and prevent teething pain in his baby and sent me a bottle right away. We quickly found to have the same experience and never struggled with teething again. The dissolvable tablets include calcium bicarbonate as the primary ingredient. Calcium for teeth? Makes sense.

A couple of years later, I ran into a neighbor’s mother-in-law. Her daughter-in-law had just given birth to baby number four. It was a quick delivery, and she used homeopathy during pregnancy and during recovery. I was eager to learn more. So, one day, when our kids were playing outside, I told her about my daughter’s persistent cough and asked if homeopathy could help. She said absolutely and asked for details about the type of cough, which, of course, determines what remedy to apply. My daughter had had it for weeks and the over-the-counter natural medications and remedies were reducing but not resolving it. My neighbor recommended a combination of cell salts, which I purchased and administered.

Cell salts are made from 12 homeopathically prepared minerals. They were discovered in the 19th century for their powerful effects in correcting symptoms stemming from cellular imbalances and mineral deficiencies. My daughter’s cough disappeared in less than two days.

These two experiences had me sold. Why was this such a secret and not more mainstream? I had watched my share of documentaries about money and Big Pharm to answer that question.

What I didn’t realize is that I had been using homeopathy even before my daughter was born. My husband swore by Solar Recover, a spray we found at our local organic store that helps with preventing and treating sunburn. And I had been using a calendula ointment to heal burns, scrapes, and scabs for quick recovery and minimal damage. We used them, recommended them, yet always referred to them as some kind of magic intervention. They were homeopathic.

Homeopathy originated in Germany. The idea is to strengthen the body to address deficiencies and vulnerabilities rather than to attack pathogens and face side effects from medications. I have since read and learned more about homeopathy. In fact, last year, I started working with a homeopathic doctor based in India, to resolve my daughter’s nut allergy. We have already seen a huge improvement including less vomiting, almost zero car sickness, less severe reactions, and numbers coming down. I’m hopeful.

I’m currently working with two homeopathic doctors in the DC area and even the questions they ask about my daughter’s overall temperament, activity, personality, are so helpful in seeing patterns and connections. It’s why they call it holistic. Very quickly we were able to resolve her mouth breathing at night and congestion.

Other uses of homeopathy:

  1. Coughs and colds
  2. Headaches
  3. Heartburn and indigestion
  4. Bug bites and stings, including ticks
  5. Allergic reactions

And so. much. more! There’s even a protocol during pregnancy and after childbirth!

If you’re wondering how cooperative children are with taking it, most children love it. My daughter loves to take her “calcium” as she calls it. They dissolve in your mouth and have a sweet taste.

And, if you’re worried about safety: When my daughter was a toddler, I once found a bottle near empty and powder on her face. In a panic, I called poison control and they assured me that even if she had the whole bottle of that particular remedy, she would not be in danger.

So, inexpensive, safe, effective, and no side effects. Sold! There really was no risk. I’m a firm believer in being open minded to natural remedies because if they’re not harmful, they’re worth a try and I’m so glad I did.

“The introduction of homeopathy forced the old school doctor to stir around and learn something of a rational nature about his business. You may honestly feel grateful that homeopathy survived the attempts of the allopaths to destroy it.” – Mark Twain

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